Personalizing pulmonary healthcare

The Smartphone Spirometer


Smartphone Spirometer

Using cutting-edge technology.

For our product we wanted to use only the latest technologies. It has laser sensor, taking several thousand measurements per second, connects to the smartphone and the casing is 3D printed. Because it's a medical product, we have provided it with a disposable mouth tube, ensuring hygiene. Our mobile spirometer uses your smartphone’s sensors to ensure proper body posture during the measurement, and adjust the collected data based on environmental conditions such as pressure and temperature. Using GPS recording, we are able to collect localize areas dangerous to your respiratory capabilities, predict your lung capacity and protect you from asthma attacks.


Everything in your hand

With our app you can visualize your spirometry data and easily understand your respiratory condition. In a single touch you can browse through your history (data) and understand your progress. You can see how medication increased your lung functionality, and track your asthma attacks using our localisation framework. From the palm of your hand you can send the data to your doctor and be advised on your medication in real time. Our app gives you control of your pulmonary healthcare.predict your lung capacity and protect you from asthma attacks.


Your physician on your side

Physicians lack the data needed to empower optimization decisions on the type and doxology of medication. Adding to that, lack of remote monitoring results in an isolated patient, without access to personalized treatment. Respi aggregates, analyses and disseminates data to physicians, following the latest HIPAA compliance problems, to achieve true personalized treatment when needed.

Respi stores your data on the cloud, compliant with all EU and US regulations on data protection. That way, both you and your doctor can have instant access to the data. Big data analytics allow the extraction of population-wide respiration patterns, correlated with geospatial localization. Our analytics creates personalized deep-pulmonary profiles and correlates them with the average. That way, our service can detect both individual performance improvements, and population-wide effects of asthma and COPD medications.



Optimize your patient's medication, help them live better.

Lack of constant monitoring of people with airway disease resolves (both) to over and under dosing. With our platform you can monitor every patient, keep precise history and personalize (optimize) their medical protocol. Based on solid data on your patient’s progress, metric based consulting instead of arbitrary dosology is possible.


Measure your lung vivacity everywhere: don’t guess; be sure.

Currently, Asthma, COPD and other chronic pulmonary diseases are not managed through constant monitoring. With our system you can measure yourself everywhere and anytime. Don’t waste time wondering if you need to take your medication; be precise.


Optimize your patient's medication, help them live better.

According to independent research, more than 50% of Asthma and COPD patients desire a lifestyle changes for better treatment of their pulmonary healthcare, and more than 60% are looking for a product that helps them understand how their lungs function. Respi is exacatly this product.


The Team

The biggest asset of Respi is the people behind it. 

The new paradigm in developing innovation: advancements that emerged during the last decade provide leverage, allowing a lean team to aim globally. A small team of dedicated individuals with strong support from our mentors.

Antonios Kouris

CEO & co-founder

Antonios has studied Electric & Computer Engineering and Finance and holds extensive industrial experience. He is Leading the product management and its clinical applications.

Christos Bergeles

CTO & co-founder

Christos has a PhD in Robotics from ETH Zurich and leads the Engineering team. He is responsible for Respi’s hybrid sensing device and the accompanying decision support software.

Ioannis Smanis

Senior Hardware Engineer

Ioannis is an expert in mechatronics, as proven by multiple awards in Health and Wellness Design Competitions. He is implementing Respi’s future spirometer prototypes.

Kostas Stamatis

Software Engineer

Kostas is an Electrical and Computer Engineer with an M.Sc. in Information Networking from CMU. He has extensive Experience in iOS development.

Nikolaos Margaritis

Clinical Researcher

Nikos holds an M.Sc. in Analytical Chemistry and has Extensive experience in Clinical Research field through his Decade long career in pharmaceutical companies.


Our Mission

The things that moves us forward to lead a better life

To empower respiratory disease patients and their physicians with rich-evidence based medication. We want Asthma, COPD and every airway disease patients to lead a better life, neither overdosing nor underdosing. Exact medication dosology means less worries about asthma attacks, management of medication expenses, and healthier lifestyle.




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